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Im new at useing this with zdoom (gasp!)

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ok i recently downloaded zdoom cause my doom95 sucks but i saw that i have mor options with z doom. but i need some help with using them.
can someone explain how to use and what they do,

deep water sprite? i know what it does but i need to know how to use it

puller and the pusher in sprites?

dohnut option in linedef settings

currents in linedef

planes in linedef

transfer in linedef

translucent in linedef

wind and wind/current in linedef.

thats it. or someone give me a link to an expination

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From what I gather...

DEEP WATER SPRITE...since ZDoom allows use of deep water, using a deep water sprite will have the sprite partially submerged in water as opposed to resting on top of it. (case in point...the backpack of ammo in Level 2 of "Evilution.")

PULLER/PUSHER - Not exactly sure. Don't know if this means you can push and pull things in ZDoom. Maybe you can, I've never tried.

DONUT OPTION - Allows you to make donut shapes more easier I would gather. Good for donut platforms raised out of the ground or to be lowered to reveal a new area.

CURRENTS - You can make currents push you downstream in water like in Heretic.

PLANES - Well, a plane is a flat surface, so I guess this an option to make such things.

TRANSFER - No idea.

TRANSLUCENT - I would assume that means making a texture partially see-through.

WIND - You can also make wind push you around in a level. There's a WAD I played...forgot what it was called, but it's a DM WAD on a snowy cliff that uses slanted platforms and wind that can knock you off to your death. Pretty cool, IMO.

That's about all I know...I haven't worked with the ZDoom options of Doom Builder for very long, but that's about as much as I can give you. Better than nothing anyway.

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Never heard of Deep Water Sprite. That backpack is a standard backpack in TNT map 2. The backpack is still at sector 111's floor height but sector 111 has been "flood filled" with sector 97's floor height and flat. AASHITTY acts the same as if it would have been missing textures. A common doom editing trick.

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