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dumb: how do you warp from the command line?

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-warp 03 should work fine (it will use the default skill if you don't specify one).

What is the full command line you're using? Unless you're making a typo of some sort, it's hard to imagine what is going wrong.

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cant remember, being using winmbf as my test port on this computer but it'll be something like

-file scimi_b2.wad c.wad -skill 4 -warp 03

though i might have tried +warp and -map and not -warp, in which case, DOH!

hang on... yeah -warp works with winMBF so that's a good pointer there

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cycloid said:

-warp 03 and +map 03 dont seem to work, or am i just doing something totally retarded?

If you're using this command line in the first Doom, then yes you are. Use -warp # # for Episode # and level # ("-warp 2 3" for E2M3), otherwise -warp ## for map## will work in Doom2. In-game, you can use the cheat "idclev##" to warp to map## or e#m#, though I find using the command line is the easiest way to get where I want to go. Also, this is the same for any port (at least that I've used), so it shouldn't be an Eternity-specific issue.

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