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help with the deep water sprte

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in doom builder if you use zdoom as the source port you get a sprite in the sprite section called Deepwater sprite. how do i use this in here. some one gave me a link on how to use it with wad author but i wanna know how to us it in here.
help please.

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I don't use DB, but if the edit number for this thing is 9045 it is an item that makes a sector swimable.

If you are using a control sector to create "deep water" you put the thing in your control sector and the water in the play area becomes swimable - and only below the water level. If you place the item in the main play sector, the full height of the sector becomes swimable (which is usually undesirable). Also, this thing means the drowning effect will kick in after a number of seconds.

The thing is no longer essential to create swimable sectors as the line for deep water now has extra parameters that make the water swimable.

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