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Artifact Usage

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I'm working on a vanilla Heretic episode created solely for cooperative play. It's being created to mostly play nicer than it looks (sort of like some levels coopbuildlm.wad) but I still think it looks pretty nice. I've got the first 4 maps completed and I've noticed that there is a lot of playing possibility with the different weapons, tome of power upgrades, and all the artifacts. I'm trying to find a creative use for every artifact/weapon. However, I'm making sure that the puzzles do not rely on artifacts to be solved. This is to make sure that the level doesn't get broken if the artifacts all get used up by accident.

I have discovered that the wings of wrath are awesome to use. The first level has a big room with lots of wings and a big chasm with platforms of monsters and items and red gargoyles coming down from the sky. I've also found that big areas with the fire mace and lots of enemies (gets even better with tome of power upgrade) creates some nice battles. I've played around with some other things but I feel that I have only scraped the surface of possibilities. Do you boys have any other ideas about what could be done with Heretic's arsenal and artifacts? I'm having particular trouble coming up with a good use for the chaos device (teleports you to start of level).

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-Chaos Device may be good for coop play, all the team gets traped, but one of the players can get out with this artifact and then rescue them with a switch.
-Tome of Power and Gauntlets can be a good source for health, I don't know if this works between coop players (if it works, the team could be traped in a lava pool, and to survive while a plataform lowers, they have to use this method).
-A map with tons of Bomb of the Ancient, but no weapons neither ammo, should be very much like Bomberman, probably not that fun for single player, but it may be nice for coop play.

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