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Nightmare Doom

Things that Piss You off about Modern Day games....

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OmegaJ4 said:

For some reason, i hate it in FPS's when you kill an enemy, their body vanishes.

Yeah...I didn't like that in Goldeneye...also how if you shot someone head on with a Rocket Launcher, their body just flew back like they got punched really hard. I didn't expect them to make a game like that gory, but they could've at least made their bodies whip around or catch fire 'n such.

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I got Doom 2 for the GBA at last, and i'm having a great time blasting through the levels i've seen 100 times before

I recently got a real blood-lust and wanted to mutilate some enemies, so in went SoF 2, but i took one look at the first level and thought "fucking hell, i dont wanna have to slog through this boring shit again, and then i'm gonna get to the jungle level and get fucked off and just give up, just like the last 5 times i started to play through". I also installed Manhunt again to test out my new laptops capabilities, and couldnt even be arsed to progress further than the first kill. I also bought Driver: Paralell lines and The Getaway 2, neither of which i have taken past level 2, i'm simply not interested. I know i've already paid full price for those games therefore the developers dont give a shit about if i like it or not, but i'm gonna be a LOT more discerning in future. Which will probably equate to buying nothing, or at least waiting for games i do fancy to turn up cheap on the secondhand market

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Captain Red said:

Ah, well, you see I never really liked Call of Duty's singleplayer anyway. It works well for it's multiplayer.

Ah I haven't yet played this game online cause my other comp isn't connected to the internet.
Its good to see they didn't scrapped the map Carentan cause its my favourite map online.

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deathbringer said:
SoF 2, Manhunt, Driver: Paralell lines and The Getaway 2.

I really wouldn't hold these as examples of moderen games. they're considered by pretty much everyone to be poor.

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I actually thought SoF II wasn't so bad, as it was just a more serious(read: boring) take on the original. The stealth sections were utter ass, though, as were the Colombian missions. Any game that has a level where alarms go off upon an enemy seeing you is pretty retarded.

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