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Feature Request: Highlight Lindefs & Sectors

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I just got back into making wads for Doom. Back in '95 I built my own map editor in QBasic(LOL).

XWE blows mine out of the water, but I still end up using my old crappy map maker for a few things that could easily be added to XWE (I hope).

1) Highlight tagged sectors.
EG: when a tagged linedef is selected, change the color of the sector(s) that have the same tag. This makes it easy to see what switch controls which door/platform.

2) Highlight tagged linedefs.
EG: When a tagged sector is selected, change the color of the linedef(s) that have the same tag. Helpfull for finding the switch for a specific door/platform.

3) Utilize the second mouse button.
In my old crapy map maker: holding mouse button 2 and dragging scrolls the map around. While still holding mouse button 2, hold mouse button 1 then dragging up and down zooms the map in and out. This makes it much faster to navigate the map. Zoom out, scroll around, zoom back in on some detail all with one drag of the mouse.
You can still utilize the context menu, just cancel the context if a drag is detected.

If these features are implemented, I could happily never use MAPMAKE.BAS ever again.

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Good advice, I found DoomBuilder easier to use.

I now use DoomBuilder for my map related editing, and XWE for everything else.

I still think XWE needs the sector/linedef highlighting though. I'd use XWE more if it had that.

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