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Adding Textures

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How do you add new textures and graphics to the WAD without overwriting any originals? Don't you have to screw around with data lumps 'n such?

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Here's a cut-and-paste from this thread:

"You will need a resource editing utility such as XWE or Deep Sea. You can use the utility to insert the new graphic (known as a patch) into your PWAD (your own wad file, not the DooM.wad or DooM2.wad files). If you replace an existing patch with a patch of the same size (dimensions) then you will not need to edit the TEXTURE lump. As you are planning to add textures without replacing the DooM textures, you will need to edit the TEXTURE lump.

IMPORTANT: Do not edit your IWAD (doom.wad or doom2.wad). Instead, always work with a PWAD. Better yet, if you don't have the original install disks or CD, make a copy of the IWAD before messing with stuff in an editor."

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Ok...but what exactly do I do to the TEXTURE.lmp? Just simply add the name of the new texture to the list?

You'll need to do this in several steps. Follow these steps:

    1. In XWE, open your wad.
    2. If your wad does not have a TEXTURE lump or a PNAMES lump then copy these lumps from the appropriate IWAD (i.e., doom.wad or doom2.wad) Keep in mind that doom.wad has two texture lumps.
    3. Bring down the Entry menu and select New. Rename the entry P_START.
    4. Repeat Step 3, but name the entry P_END. Make sure that the P_END entry is after the P_START entry.
    4. Bring down the Entry menu and select Load.
    5. Browse to the location of your graphic patches and select the graphic files. Make sure that your patches are placed between the P_START and P_END entries.
    6. Select the PNAMES entry and add your patch names and corresponding patch IDs (PID).
    7. Select the TEXTURE lump. The menu changes so that an entry called Textures appears.
    8. Select Textures from the menu, then pick New from the drop down menu. This will insert a dummy entry into your Texture-Patch table (which you will see at the top of your XWE screen. The default height and width are 64 * 64.
    9. Go into the cell that corresponds to the width of the dummy texture entry, and modify it to match your desired texture width. Do the same with the height. Then select the number of patches in the last column of the table. (If your texture is the same size as the corresponding patch you will only need one patch.)
    10. From the Textures menu select New Patch. It will insert the patch from the previous texture in the Texture list. In the little table to the right of the table you were using, type in your PID (corresponding to the patch in the PNAMES list). It will automatically insert the corresponding patch name and assign it a UID.
    11. If you have only one patch for that texture, you're done and can move onto the next texture. If you have more than one patch select New Patch from the Textures menu. It will drop the patch into the texture. Use the xPos and yPos to move your second patch into the right position on your texture. Repeat for as many patches as you want.
    12. When you are done, select Save from the Textures menu.
    13. Close or Exit XWE.

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