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Is there any chance soon that ID wil release their doom 3 engine and let some of you peope remake doom 1 as it should have been?

i would certainly pay for seeing a remake of doom 1 specially if it had more levels and more open areas and atacks just like doom 1

only more realistic then doom 1 no strange platform levels

UAC is damn huge in doom 1 when i think about it .. its almost as big as a state or something.

the monstrs in doom 1 is more realistic and scary then those slimeballs with bad alien immitation and animation fom doom 3

i think iD software was too stupid... if they had remade doom 1 it would have sold even more.

wich of you guys do not want to jump into the hell hole (in a game of course) again only to experience it ten times better? who said old movies arent rewatchable?

the enemies of doom 1 is just too sinister and real and closeto our current universe its still unmatched its a perfect horror ... even quake 4 managed to make this idea better then doom 3
i still get chils of the idea behin doom 1 the baron of hell still haunts me if i concentrate its very hellish... and i can see those layers of muscles over machinary
they should have made a halo like warfare atmosphere humans against these psycho animals..

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I don't think it should have been anything like DOOM 3, nor really care much for DOOM remakes on newer engines.

who said old movies arent rewatchable?

Exactly my point. I can watch Alien or Citizen Kane over again without someone filming a remake (that'll possibly not be as good).

Nonetheless, you're looking for something like this (at least in the map design).

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doom 3 was a horrible game at any standard atleast it was better thn wolfenstein the new one return to assenstein

my point is that the doom 1 universe was emercive enough the wanted to add ne maps okay but why did they alter the whole thing? its like changing a game and then call it doom thats basically waht they did only some few things remain the same...

and even thefact that they tried to use the old storry over again was lamer.. atleast they should have continued the storry .. i guess the continuing storry is in quake 4 bu still quake 4 doesnt deal with hell.

or even they could have gone a very interesting way and made it into the first real RPG DUngeons and Deamons shooter... NO way btter then oblivion wich blows ...

the only game that might have kept the promiss of doom 1 and 2 was dukenukem 3d

at its time it had everyone going crazy... doom 3 faile misrebly being a duke 3d hit

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shadowheart said:
Is there any chance soon that ID wil release their doom 3 engine and let some of you peope remake doom 1 as it should have been?

id takes about 4 years between releasing a game and releasing the source code to it (except for Quake 3, which from what I remember took about 5½ years), so expect Doom 3's source in 2008 or 2009.

But why remake Doom? By definition Doom already is Doom as it should have been...

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its really not the story is slightly the same.. the wole game is very diffferent in terms of enemy models , wepons and even a litle bit on the fasion of how maps are.

for me who loved the doom 1 concept art and story it was like taking the title doom and putting it on another game..
besides that i felt itwasnt true to doom1 it also sucked in gameplay

i was very dissapointed.

thankfully evil dead game series stayed true to their movie

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