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ZDoom 2.1.4.

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I recently downloaded ZDoom 2.1.4 and I must say that it looks great. I am new to mods/wads and so far I am enjoying them immensely, i just have one small problem.

I can't seem to get ZDoom to launch any of my wads, some which require Zdoom to operate. I have looked on the Zdoom site and the instructions they give do not help.

I do not want to change the program itself since I would have to keep changing it over and over again when i want to play different things with it.

I could just make multiple copies of the zdoom.exe and its required files and place them into the wad folders but then I would have to copy all of the IWad files as well and that is a waste of space.

then again, i do not know where to add the command lines.

The Zdoom site had a nother option, creating a shortcut and changing the path to where it will load the desired wad, just like when loading Diablo 2 mods.

But the site calls the command box "Link to", I do not have a Link To box. I have Start in and Target.

I experimented with these and did what i would have done when using Diablo 2 mods but I either get an error message of a bad directory path or Zdoom loads without loading the mod in question.

I looked all over the ZDoom site and I could not find anything I need. Can Someone explain this to me in simple and easy to understand terms without all the techno crap?

I would have placed this question in one of the other ZDoom threads but they are either not on this topic or they have degenerated into a mindless argument over which source ports are better and therefore offer no answers in terms of my question.

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Did you look here?

Personally, I'd recommend using ZDL - a simple yet powerful frontend


BTW, I actually think you are assuming launching Zdoom is more complicated than it is. You're trying to do too much. It's really pretty simple. In fact, for many add-ons just dragging and dropping the WAD onto zdoom.exe will get you going.

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I tried that and it works with some of my wads. but I have them in subdirectories so i had to copy all of ZDoom into that directory and then the IWad files. I know how to fix that.


Fixed that and figured out how to use the other wads.

I jsut wanted an easier way to do this such as using shortcuts for each wad depending on which wad I wanted to play. It's simple when doing this with Diablo 2 or my C&C mods however it doesn't seem to want to work the same way with ZDoom.

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You can write a small script for each IWAD you own. For example, doom.bat (or doom.sh if you run Unix) is something like zdoom -iwad whereisdoom.wad $*, where $* is replaced automatically by the options entered in the script itself. Maybe $* must be changed by something else in MSDOS.

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Why not go to control panel, folder options and set all wad files to open with ZDL.

Just click a wad in any folder and ZDL opens automatic with that wad.

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I might add you can also simply right click a zip file and open with ZDoom, as long as there is a wad somewhere in the zip, ZDoom almost always finds it and opens it.
This also bypasses ZDL.
I never unzip wads anymore.

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Or type zdoom.exe -file yourwadnamehere into the commandline.

Either works. :D

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