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A bunch of old drawings and comics of mine. (NON DOOM RELATED)

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I was digging through some of my old drawings and pictures and I found some interesting "relics". I think a few of these pictures date back to around late 2000. I don't really rememeber. I'm not too sure when exactly (as in the year) I drew the Exterminator Comics. I just remember being a freshman when I drew those comics. I drew most of my pics during school to pass time or to vent out my anger, but not these ones specifically as far as I can remember.

The first known Lizardcommando concept art
He sure looks different from today's version of Lizardcommando, doesn't he? I'm sure there may have been an even older version, but I'm not too sure on that. It could have been the SSWolfguy replacement that was seen in the beta version of Pokestein, the Doom mod, but I'm not too sure. I think the oldest version of the Combat-Goggles wearing Lizardcommando might have been the one in the old Exterminator comics. The only remnants of this version that you see on Lizardcommando would be the backpack, which is what the Exterminators would wear during long missions.

Alpha version of a Lizard Squad level
The only reason I call it an alpha version is because of the really old designs for the Lizard characters. They look extremely cartoony and simplistic compared to my more recent stuff. As for the level itself, it takes place in a dark forested roadway which leads to an abandoned carnival site complete with a giant roller coaster.

Another Lizard Squad level concept
It's the same Lizard Squad level (except for the top panel) except the Lizard characters have a newer design. It takes place in that same Carnival stage.

The Exterminator: Part1A
The Exterminator: Part1B
The Exterminator: Part2A
The Exterminator: Part2B
These comics were made during my freshman year in High School. It was also made during the time I was working on the Doom version of Pokestein 3D. There was a total of 5 parts to this comic. The last 3 parts were really shitty, so that's why I didn't post them up. Yeah, there wasn't really a deep plot to these comics except that Lizardcommando and the Exterminators were sent to different places in the Cartoon Worlds to kill whatever the Exterminators were assigned to... well, exterminate. These guys were soldiers who killed without mercy. It was violent. It was bloody. But it sure as hell made my days in my Freshman year a little more bearable as it was my way of venting my anger against the bullies. I don't think I was actually mad at anyone when I drew those two comics. I just thought it would be funny seeing my guys go against the other crazy cartoons and shit.

Anyone here ever look at their old stuff and say to themselves, "Daaamn, I can't believe I drew some of this crazy shit".

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Heh, better storyline than the comics i was drawing back then, of which this survives (online, i did other stuff buts its too embarrising):


I just made that up as i went along, putting in all the stupid cameos i could think of. Oh wait, thats what i do now...

I especially like the pokemon comic anyway, i've wanted to just start drawing something violent for ages, but it always ends up evolving into something fancy and i get bored of making it. I ought to start one about a mute psycho who just goes on a rampage for no reason, no need to bother with talky bits then

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Lol. I made a few comics with silly video game references and video game characters too.

I drew these to pass time during school. I'd usually sit in the back of the classes drawing whenever there's a boring lecture or whenever I had some free time to waste.

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Wow! Holy mother of fucking god, that is fucking kick ass! That is EXACTLY how I want him to look! Seriously, wow! Thank you! This is really flattering! When I saw that, I had the biggest damn grin. I mean, seriously, that is kick ass!

The only thing wrong are the goggles since they're supposed to be green-tinted, but other than that, I am seriously very impressed! Add some dead lizard soldiers in the background and it'll look like the Lizardwar TITLEPIC.

Thanks dude! I've never had anyone draw fan art of any of my stuff before.

Although, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you maybe put up a link to my Flash movies site? :)


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I think it looks badass with those color goggles on the light. Coop's rendition of him makes him look like an interesting character.

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