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Toke it up!

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I'm not sure I particularly like the idea of including both, it sounds like it would complicate things unnecessarily. I'd personally prefer to include Megalyth's version, and include a note in the text file explaining the situation. That's just my opinion though.

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Hey again fraggle, I got some more stuff for ya. Firstly I fixed MAP01 so that it would perfectly reflect the original layout. Well...ok, sorta. Once I tweaked Naked Snake's version of the map, it started looking really plain and sorta ugly. Hopefully I didn't step out of bounds, but I redid a lot of the detailing and texturing. I hope that isn't a problem :/. I also attempted to fix the visplane overflows in MAP12. I was only able to see and fix one (in the eastern part of the map, looking in a westerly direction). I'm not sure if there were any others or not; I couldn't find them if so. And lastly, I removed the voodoo doll and fixed a misaligned a texture in MAP21.


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Awesome, thanks! But .. did you include the fixed MAP01 in that zip? I see entries for MAP05, 12 and 21 but not 01.

Ralphis is doing has done MAP07, so we should soon have a now have a complete set!

It's not all done and dusted yet, though. Ralphis has pointed out that some levels (eg. MAP02) make minor changes in floor height that can potentially have a (minor) impact on gameplay. I'd like to get those fixed to be the same as the originals, but that shouldn't be too much work.

Other things to do at this stage are:

  • Check all levels have exits.
  • Sort out the music - the music that's there is all by one band called "Kreator". Toke's favorite band was apparently "Acid Bath"; I'm looking into contacting some of his closer friends to find out what other bands he liked.
  • Get these playtested by experts - particularly people who were Toke's friends - to make sure that there are no problems with them that we've missed.
  • Artwork - there is a dummy "fade across" TITLEPIC/INTERPIC at the moment, which I think is a good concept. The TITLEPIC needs to have the title of the WAD, and possibly a small picture of Toke and a short notice.
  • Demos - I'd like to get demos recorded of people playing deathmatch on the levels.
  • Other things? ...

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Whoops! I forgot to delete all of the existing entries for the wad file mek-tokeitup_5.wad (I edited the map directly from the compiled wad). Check the bottom of that wad for the fixed version of MAP01. Sorry about that :p

I'm really glad to hear that someone picked up that final map! Thanks alot Ralphis :D. If I have the time, I might be able to help test or something. Otherwise though, I'm pretty much useless now.


I found a missing texture in MAP19: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v63/Mechadon/Map%20Screenshots/Screenshot_Doom_20091124_175647.png

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Just a quick status update. I'm currently reviewing each level in turn with a fine-toothed comb, making sure each level has an exit and that the structure hasn't changed compared to the original version. I'm paying particular attention to floor detailing that causes "bumpy floors" (see above) and have reworked areas of some levels because of this.

I'll post my list of changes in the thread as I do each level.

MAP01 Cleanups:

Removed bumpy "carpet" in downstairs grassy area.
Added exit.
Removed signature.

MAP02 cleanups:

Flattened out border around upper grassy area to 2 pixel step.
Raised up circle next to spiral steps to have a 4 pixel step.
Fixed elevator.
Added exit.

MAP03 cleanups:

Changed "leap" high platform to be flat again.
Changed spiral steps to be flat like the original.
Fixed indented wall where player can become caught.
Moved windows to be higher, so that the sky seam can't be seen, and rockets hit the walls as before (dont disappear in sky wall)
Removed signature.

MAP04 cleanups:

Flattened out bumpy areas.
Changed corridor at north of map - changed back to 64 units wide, removed bumpy ground area and replaced with plain marble corridor.
Added exit.

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MAP06 has had some major alterations to its structure and I'm not sure that I can easily resolve them. Does anyone want to redo this map?

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I'll take a look at it - most other members are probably still recovering from their Thanksgiving pig-out.

EDIT - I doubt that I could reconcile Megalyth's outdoor area with the original layout without destroying it so I've started detailing the original, though if the project's on a tight deadline I'll defer to a faster mapper.

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GreyGhost said:

EDIT - I doubt that I could reconcile Megalyth's outdoor area with the original layout without destroying it so I've started detailing the original,

Yeah, I think that it's probably unsalvagable at this stage, which is why I turned back to the forum. :-(

Also, I had reviewed and fixed up MAP05 and MAP07, but woke up yesterday to find the internal drive on my laptop had died and I've lost everything on it, including the fixed versions. Only a minor setback, though (ie. a couple of hours).

Vendettagainst said:

So are there any maps open?

Completed versions have now been submitted of all levels, so no. However, it's possible that there will be other levels like MAP06 that have been changed too much and will have to be redone (although, hopefully not).

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Eh, sorry about that. I had a hell of a time avoiding VPO with map06, which was surprising considering the small size. Even getting it to that state was difficult.

These maps are intended for vanilla Doom, if I remember correctly?

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My laptop has been dead for the past two weeks so I haven't got round to reviewing many more maps. I did some today though:

MAP05 cleanups:

Flatten out floor in corridor areas.
Change light level in upstairs area to be more uniform to fix visplane overflows.
Raise height on sky wall in upstairs area to avoid the possibility of the sky swallowing rockets.
Remove hanging gates over upstairs area incase this impedes visibility.

MAP07 cleanups:

Make walls impassible.
Add exit.

MAP08 cleanups:

Walls made impassible.
Added exit.

Any progress on the new MAP06?

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Has anyone officially begun retexturing map06? If not, I could give it another try, this time without playing with the layout. I just don't know how nice I can make it look considering the limits.

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Not officially AFAIK. I'd made a start and was making good progress until I got to the south-west corridors, simply can't decide what to do with them.

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