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Pimp my nes

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Not really pimping any nesses; just desecrating them. I thought that #3 was the least imaginitive. I thought #6 was the most impressive; I can't wrap my mind around it.

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I couldn't find the link for the NES web server. I found the Atari 2600 one, though...

Reminds me: I still need to fix my Mac Classic and get it online.

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I remember when the original Playstation was king, there was a series of sticker sets that would totally cover the top in a desired theme. Dunno if there was ever a Doom one but it would have been cool to see. Though i do seem to remember a magazine picture of somebody who had actually gone to "case mod" lengths, and had the DooM logo at the front of the cover, and a 'demon' (didnt really look like any doom monster, but was probably supposed to be the demon) looking like it was smashing through the top, with broken chains around its arms

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