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Help on A rather strange question on DOOM

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Hey, i am playing a version of DOOM that runs on my Nintendo DS system, it can play DOOM 1 and 2 and the only files i have are my DOOM.WAD file, doom.nds (main game loader) and prboom.wad and a few config files, ive heard people can do .exe editing of doom, and i was wondering, is it possible to change how many weapons you can have in doom2, i thought 6 was the limit but ive heard that you can get more, and if so how could i achieve this kind of editing using my limited resources?

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I don't know about Nintendo, but in DooM/2 for PC it was not possible to modify the executable to add more weapons. I say "was" because relatively recently ZDooM was upgraded to allow the addition of new weapons. I don't know if there are plans for prBooM to upgraded, or for any other source port to be upgraded, for that matter.

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