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Doom Marine

Good cathedral / church maps

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There is a Cathedral map on the Doom Legacy Homepage, it's for deathmatch and it was build upon blueprints of a real gothic church :) It's lots of fun, really :)

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You could look at some of my .WADs too:
"Ghosts" - especially map06 "Unholy Church";
"Outpost of Hell 2 - The Fortress" contains a small church in crypts in the first map and another one in the second;
map07 of "4 Levels that got Lost" (an abanoned project designed by Paul Corfiatis): there's a nice church in the north.
Moreover map06 ("Infernal Deities") of "Italian DooM - Episode 1: The Lost Colony" could contain good ideas and could be a good source of inspiration for this theme.

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Are you limiting your search to DOOM1 & 2 PWADs only?
If not then there's always the third hub of Hexen with an entire chain of united churches.

And then there's also a stand-alone Hexen TC called Carnage Galore 3 - Presage Of Fury made by the dude named Ichor...That has some interesting architecture which resembles a monastery as well.
You can find this through /idgames.

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