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Prepare for bullshit

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I'm sure i can remember it being mentioned in the "Manhunt" case in Britian, (specifically the Daily Mail saying that "The original versions of Doom 3" where responsible for Columbine as if it was a fact) and also "Violent games such as Doom" being mentioned around the "Blades11" massacre. Of course in later years GTA has taken over as the main scapegoat, but who can tell how tabloid writer's minds work?

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DOOM and Duke 3D will always garner mention in articles on violent games because they pioneered the "problem" as most politicians and journalists see it.

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This sounds more like a typical homicide case than a massacre.


In any case, thank god the kid's a fucking idiot for telling someone about his so-called massacre, otherwise, more people would have gotten killed.

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