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Just a few "decorate" questions

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I am making a mod for Doom II and i have just recently switched my source port over from EDGE to ZDoom, and so I'm not yet completely familiar with the DECORATE system and it's capabilities, so, these are probably all newb questions, however, i will ask anyway:

#1. What is the parameter that I would use to give a monster the ability to resurrect other monsters (a la Arch-vile)?

#2. Is it possible to use alternate blood types? e.g. giving the baron of hell/hell knights green blood, cacodemons blue blood, etc.

#3. How do I make a monster that is an enemy to both the player and other monsters, kinda like how the soldiers from Half-Life fight both the player and the aliens?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[Edit] Or perhaps maybe just a link to somewhere that i can find said information since nobody seems to want to help...

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Well, here's the decorate code for the Arch-Vile


I think "A_VileChase" is the thing that gives a monster the ability to resurrect other monsters.

Not to familiar with all this myself I'm afraid.
You'd have better luck asking this stuff at the zdoom forum at zdoom.org
also check the wiki:

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Thank you for your help, the A_VileChase command worked, and I'll take a look through the wiki to see what else i can find, again, your help is greatly appreciated.

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