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Nightmare Doom

The Mad Revisionist

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nihilist? After reading the moon bs, it's just basless skeptiscism for fun. I'd be surprised if this was serious.

edit: no it isn't serious

"However, unable to attribute any specific motive to Sweden, our attention was directed against the only country that did have a clear and obvious reason to stage an attack on the United States in precisely this manner: Canada."

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From the 'Mad Revisionist' page:
"There is no mention of the moon in the English language prior to the year 1066. This is a proven fact, so rarely spoken of in these controlled academic institutions."

From the Wikipedia:
For about 300 years following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, the Norman kings and the high nobility spoke only Anglo-Norman. A large number of Norman words found their way into Old English, leaving an unusual parallel vocabulary which persists into modern times.

In summary, the English language didn't even exist in 1066. In fact, it was pretty much created in 1066 as the Norman language merged with Old English to form Middle English by the 13th century. (Old English is indecipherable to pretty much all English speakers and as it has little in common with Modern English. It's proably better described by it's other moniker, Anglo-Saxon.) Not to mention that the Moon is mentioned in plenty of texts before the English language was created and a picture of it that was several thousand years old was even found.

Either this is a joke with waaaay to much time put into it, or someone has several screws missing.

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Danarchy said:

Either this is a joke with waaaay to much time put into it, or someone has several screws missing.

Obviously a joke and I find it quite fun the guy actually got back to the date when english was created to state the word "moon" didn't exist before.
Definitly not the kind of rofl stuff but smart humor anyway.

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Very funny stuff. They've really captured the essence of some of those conspiracy sites that they're mocking, including the widely varying font sizes and colors, limited knowledge of HTML, site design, etc.

EDIT: Funny note -- the "DISCLAIMER" at the bottom states: "THE MAD REVISIONIST, located on the moon, is owned and operated by accident."

Doesn't fare too well with the Moon hoax, does it? ;-D

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