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Damnation Awaits the Wicked

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Damn you've been busy lately, not that I'm complaining! Like the site design too btw. Considering cc3 at all ? ;)

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Use3D said:

Considering cc3 at all?

I've been so lazy these past few months that I find myself struggling to make progress in my third map for Return From Oblivion. I only did the Wicked map to take a break from ZDooM editing, with its multitude of specials and scripts (some of which I admittedly made more difficult for myself by striving for a unique set of maps). Perhaps once I'm done with RFO I'll see if there are any empty slots in CC3 and any interest in taking me on.

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Max'd in 9:34. Probably a shitty time but owell.

Its not that great of a map in my opinion. More like your standard expected fare for a vanilla map in 2006.

The whole running around in circles or semicircles doing this and that doesn't ride too well with me, or you just didn't execute it too well. None of the fighting was hard, some of it was pretty damn tedious, but nothing that really challenges. Also, there is no need for a secrets file, all of them are ovbious to anyone paying attention.

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Belial said:

plenty of ammo


Checkmate said:

Very tight ammo on UV tho


I guess I have to find it out by myself then gonna download it in a sec, the screens on WIP looked very good btw :)

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