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Batman Doom Map 31 help

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How do I get to the area with the secret exit.

I found the blue key, but it isn't enough.

If somone could point to a demo, it would bee great...

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Looking at map31 using DoomBuilder, this appears to be a bug in batman. There appears to be no logical way to reach sector 65. I'm guessing that the authors meant to assign linedef # 436 type 1 for the door.

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The door to reach MAP32 can only be opened from the inside. A clown-like monster guy appears up on a platform nearby at some point in the level. As you find all the switches in the map, a path will be built for him to enter the building where the secret exit is.

ONLY THIS GUY CAN OPEN THE DOOR! If you kill him, you cannot reach MAP32. You must complete the path to the door for him, then stand by and wait for him to wander to the door and open it. When he does, run inside and kill him (do not under any circumstances allow the door to close again, or you're screwed). Continue around the bend in the building and you'll find a really freaky looking portal to enter.

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