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Connecting the PSP to the internet

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I bought today a Wifimax dongle from best buy. I go home, hoping to play socom on the internet in an hour or so. Well, it turns out, the thing is working at full signal thanks to website tips, but the problem is that my psp has a virtual IQ of a paper clip. It keeps telling me that there is a connection error, and when i try to change settings and test it, it says internal error. The WLAN switch is on. I just don't get it. What do i do to get the internet for psp working???????

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Im assuming that using a dongle means you are using Ad-hoc mode?

Remember, not all wireless devices are compatible with the PSP - I'm not aware of a list though. The manufacturer should be able to tell you.

Edit: BTW, Internet on the PSP sucks. It's slow (regardless of the Internet connection, I'm on 3.5Mbps) and the interface is horrible.

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actually, i'm trying to get infastructure. I've been to dozens of websites with people saying it worked and people saying it don't. I just need to know what the problem is. It seems like the psp cannot see the wifi max. i know it can, just what do i do?

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From what I've read about the WifiMax dongle, you have to use Infrastructure mode (which you are).

If scan automatically doesn't work - try the manual setup. The software for the dongle should tell you the SSID. You need to enter this to your psp - as well as the network key if you have WEP enabled.

Enter in a custom IP address for the time being thats in your pc's ip range (e.g. PC =, make the PSP use

From memory, thats all you should need to do. From there, you can test the connection. If it still doesn't work - it would suggest the WifiMax isn't working correctly (do you have any Wifi devices you can test it with?).

According to this this the psp should be able to pick up the connection. Either the configuration of the WifiMax is screwed or faulty - or the wireless in your psp is screwed (which is more than likely seeing as the dongle works for other wireless activity).

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