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I nearly lost all my data :_(

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OK, in advance I thank Csabo for the Clean Up feature. Because otherwise I would have lost about 3 month's worth of quite a large project I've been working on. So thanks, Csabo. :D

The issue that came up was this: after importing a bunch of sprites into a certain wad, I accidentally named some of them wrong (using the Rename feature on multiple items at once). All I did was click Undo, and lo, I lost all my files - and they got replaced with the files in another wad of mine. I nearly panicked when I realised there was a 24-hour-old backup file of my wad, which was a big relief. 3-o

If there is such a bug in XWE's source, IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I bring this up because there may be an unfortunate ignorant person out there who infrequently makes use of the Clean Up feature, and has to resort to either getting an extremely old backup copy from like 5 months ago or having to redo ALL his work FROM SCRATCH. If this bug can be spotted and fixed, it would be greatly appreciated. ^_^

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Did you open multiple instances of XWE? That could cause this. Each instance saves the undo files to the same place with identical names. If not, please try to replicate this error, and let me know what steps you've taken.

If you need to copy/paste between files, you can do it with just one XWE open.

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Csabo said:

Did you open multiple instances of XWE?

I could well have. I'll try to reproduce the error (AFTER BACKING UP MY FILES) and get some info back to you. ;)

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