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Cowboy Lizard ceramic statue (NON DOOM RELATED)

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I finally got back my Cowboy Lizard statue from my ceramics class. I made this during the last week of my ceramics class. I wasn't even going to keep it, but I already spent two days making it so I decided to finish it. The only thing I liked about it was the statue. The pose is pretty cool. The thing I hate about it is that the green overglaze turned out really shitty. I apparently didn't get enough of the green glaze on it so that's why the paint seems a bit shoddy. There were supposed to be bullets painted onto the bandolier, but they didn't turn out that great. The hat's color turned out nice but I think I may have accidentally used a darker brown for the vest.

Comparison between the concept art and the figure.

A close look at the eyes.

Side view of Cowboy Lizard.

Size comparison between statue and the metal figurine that I made in High School.

Size comparison between the LC statue, Cowboy Lizard statue, and the Cowboy Lizard metal figurine.

Cowboy Lizard is one of the main characters for Lizard Squad(c), a game that I want to make that's supposed to be like Metal Slug, except cel-shaded and with cartoon Lizard violence. I'd like to think of it as my personal homage to Metal Slug, which was what inspired me to pursue a career in game design and also inspiring me to draw these little bastards in the first place.

I made another Cowboy Lizard statue out of sculpey, but it fell while I was baking it and the feet were fucked up. I tried to fix it using chopsticks, but the foot broke off. It won't be able to stand up anymore... :( I'll probably try and make another one later.

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Those remind me of some things that would have came right out of my old high school's ceramics class, what with the type of glazes used. Probably the same kind of clay, too.

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