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Textures are missing from my wad when I try and play the game.

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Hi there, this is my first post I hope this is in the correct place.

I have created a map using Doom Builder and upon testing the map it plays absolutely fine. However, if I load the game up using just Zdoom many of the flats/wall textures are replaced by a 'chequerboard' effect.

I have used the 'additonal textures/flats from wad file option' when starting the map and chosen Zdoom (Doom) as the version the map is for. What am I doing wrong?

btw the extra textures are from a wad called sapphire.wad


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When you run ZDoom manually with your WAD/MAP file that uses textures from sapphire.wad, you must also feed ZDoom with sapphire.wad.

Lets say your map is in the WAD file named mymap.wad, then you should start ZDoom like this, with both WAD files:

zdoom.exe sapphire.wad mymap.wad
Now ZDoom will load additions from sapphire.wad, and on top of that it will load your additions from mymap.wad.

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OK great, got it to work! :)

In this case it seems the best thing for me to do would be to get the textures I want to use somehow inserted into the .wad file (so I could just distribute the single file)

Thanks very much CodeImp!

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