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whats slidge?

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The only thing I can possibly guess that you're talking about is SLIGE, which is an algorithmic DOOM map generator. Yes or no?

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It's SLIGE, no D and all caps. SLIGE levels are maps generated by the utility of the same name. It's a complicated program created by one of our (former?) community members that generates maps algorithmically. It can make an infinite number of levels, but its creativity is very low so there is rarely anything particularly unique about them. Basically it pastes the same few elements together in a pseudo-random manner, balanced by various heuristics and user options, and ensuring that the map remains valid (ie, rooms don't intersect with each other, etc.)

SLIGE maps can be fun for the plain slaughterhouse environment they typically provide, but because they are all the same, they are not allowed to be uploaded into the /idgames archive. In fact, given the proper seed and settings, SLIGE can be made to regenerate an exact map, so distributing the maps themselves is actually retarded when you think about it.

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