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Doom 3 Problems

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hey everyone..i just installed this doom 2 mod for doom 3 and its just not working...at all...can anyone help me?
i've even tried classic doom mod as well but it doesnt work either

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What happens when you attempt to use the mods? Do you get an error message? If you get dumped to the title screen when you try to run the game, do you see any error messages when you check the console (ctrl+alt+~)?

Also, if these are the only mods you have issues with, you may have better luck asking the authors.

Edit: This should have been posted in the doom3 technical issues forum, btw.

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My first guess is that you dont have the appropriate patch. Have you updated to version 1.3?

This may also happen if the mod is being run incorrectly (i.e. if it needs to be started from its own executable), depending on how the mod was created.

It may also happen if your gamex86.dll has been altered in some fashion, or if you've altered your copy of doom3 to run on windows 98.

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