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Some Suggestions, not good, but not bad.

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As much as I love Doom and Doom Builder, DB lacks the music compiler and make it where you can listen to Doom 2 music on Ultimate Doom, with this feature, DB would be widely used and + It would only be 1 folder for it all (and if possible if the Music thing couldn't be added to DB, put XWE in with it so it may make it easier, or what program would be most suited).

(Currently working on a self explanatory Wad that is nearly like it's Counter-Part originals of Doom II)

Mithral Demon (Mithral Link was alittle over used by me so I decided a name best for Doom, a metal demon ((Specter mainly, not the Cyb, he's steel and rough demon...)) )

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Doom Builder is a Map editor; it doesn't mess with resources unless it really has to. That's why it doesn't have not will have features like inserting music lumps.

XWE on the other hand is a resources editor. It does have mapping capabilities, but they are mostly for tweaks and "on the fly" editings (or to quickly see what maps are in the wad), especially when you can use advanced mapping tools like Doom Builder.

So, just have both tools handy. They're split up so that each coder can concentrate on his specialty as best as possible.

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