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Remove Old Wads From /IDGAMES?

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Well, I have uploaded 3 fixed version of TNT1, TNT2 and TNT3 to the /idgames archive which are these:
Now I would like to have the following removed because they are old, buggy and there is no need anymore to have these online:
When I uploaded the new ones, I actually told the archive maintainer that the new ones are updates for the old ones but unfortunately the originals haven't been updated or removed.
So is anyone able to do this? Remove the old files from the /idgames PHP script? And what about the old entries on the 3dgames archive?

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I am certainly capable of changing stuff in the database but I don't see why I should bother assuming that some of the links still work for the old versions. Plus who's to say there is "no need" to have them online anymore? As long as some mirrors still carry the originals I'm not about to remove the entries.

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kristus said:

Had you not changed the filename there would never have been this issue.

The database doesn't update even if you upload a new version of a wad with the same filename. For example, Holy Hell (reuploaded in July, database information still refers to March)

Also some database entries miss out the associated text files entirely, e.g. Ogre Labs.

And I still say you should be able to make links with the file pathname like dw/idgames/?file=levels/doom2/v-z/whatever.zip instead of depending entirely on meaningless id numbers. I mean you can link to directories by their path so why not the files?

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Ezxariarch said:

Are the TNTe's the same as UTNT? Or are they just a fixed version?

They have 20 minutes of extra footage and are in dolby digital 5.1 with remastered pic... er...

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Mancubus II said:

They have 20 minutes of extra footage and are in dolby digital 5.1 with remastered pic... er...

Exactly ;) Digitally Remastered and have some new parts which have been in the original books!

Honestly, the tntex.wad's are just fixed versions of the original's and have nothing to do with UTNT. I just wanted to make sure that the files in the archives are the same files as on my webpage!

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