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DehackEd/Doomsday Def help

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Hey all! (heh first post)

I am startin a DM megawad, and the first map is kinda like my doom house.

But thats not really the point of this post.

What I am tryin to do (at the moment) is create a napalm grenade type thing, and later turn the plasma rifle into a flame thrower (maybe). And right now it all works (the stuff I put in, not the flame thrower), but I dont want it to hurt the user, only the enemy (or other players).

I have seen this done, my older bro did the flame thrower with the old DOS version of Doom, and would like to try it for myself.

I am using Doomsday version 1.8.6, and its def files use header version 5 (if that changes anything).

I have included two files, the actual map (so you can see it in action), and the DD_DEFNS file for doomsday.

I am quite new to the hacking biz, so I could really use some help!



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BTW I didnt just join for one post, I came here because I heard you and NewDoom had a bit of a rivalry. I hate NewDoom BTW, posted one to many topics and got accused of spam, even though they were all on-topic to that subforum. By the admins no less...

You'd think that an all mighty admin would know what the crap "spam" really is! **

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Steeveeo said:

I am startin a DM megawad (...)

It's the first time I see somebody declaring a creation of a megawad in their very first post. Yet again, I ain't seen shit.
Congratulations to you - not.

Wellcome to the DoomWorld forums. Expect heavy bashing everytime you say you want to do an ubar-turbo-mega-what-not project.
I wish you luck, but let's not be naive - if you get to finish one good DM map, that the community (and you yourself of course) will accept - that will be nice.

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well by that first greeting, I already think that this adventure might be even less of a good time then Newdoom.

Why the hell isnt there a Doom Editing forum without forum assholes?! Theres plenty of Quake editing forums that people do not feel the need to prove they're "all that" by flaming newbies!

Never-the-less, I shall stick around to see if I can be proved wrong. PLEASE prove me wrong on this, I do not want another NewDoom replay!

Now please people, I need answers, not flaming. Lets not let a simple post asking for coding help end up in the Post Hell thing.

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There are plenty of people who aren't going out of their way to give others a hard time here. However, that being said, I have to say that we do see a heck of a lot of project announcements and that the vast majority end up going nowhere.

I myself have seen two of my own projects die as victims of community apathy.

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Yes yes, I see that happen alot, but its no reason to flame a new person.

Now can we get back to the question please? I have searched and searched and have found no leads as of yet, which is why I came here!

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