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Dave meister at it again!

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Ok so I am back again! ^_^

I can't find any "GOOD" melee weapons. So there is the scimitar and knife mod but I need something badass, like katana's and stuff, maybe even something so you can block bullets or something with a shield, I don't care.

Anyone found anything yet?

I know I didn't...

not that I search good...

at all...

why am I talking to myself?...

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Well, I hate "Hey look guys, I'm back" and "Goodbye i'm leaving forever" threads. There, I said it. Aren't you even glad that I helped look for whatever crap you wanted?

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He sounded like he had hidden knowledge. Something just told me this is not the first of him.

Maybe I'm too picky, but I had to give reasons as to why I asked that in the first place :)
EDIT: Actually 8 months of lurking sound like enough time...

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