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Sorry for posting stupid question, but I can't figure it out.

Let's say I've got a sector, floor 0, ceiling 500. I create a smaller sector withing this one with the same parameters. I want this smaller one to be passible but with a texture on it, for example texture of water so that it looks like it's a pillar of water. The problem is, I can change smaller sectors parameters to for example 0/0 or 500/500 and then it's fine. But when this sector is 0/500, demanded texture is not on the entire 'pillar', it's covering only a part of it, like this:

------------ ceiling
-- here texture ends

------------ floor

I understand that it's the texture that it's a texture that's too small, but in one sided lines (walls) the texture is being coppied so it covers entire wall and in two-sided lines it's not.

So basicly, how can I cover entire two-sided line with heigh of (for example) 500 with a water-falling texture with heigh of 128?

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I don't think it's possible... at least I don't know any port that could make that.
It was often suggested to implement that into zdoom, since Strife could do it AFAIK, but it didn't happen yet...

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You can fix the problem in 2 ways:

1. you could create a new texture that is 500 pixels high and import it in your wad using XWE.


2. you could "fake" the 500 pixel high texture. This can be done by creating a slightly smaller sector within the small sector. Set the middle textures of both the small sector and the inner slightly smaller sector to for example BFALL1 and check "lower unpegged" at properties for all these textures.
Now set the y-off set of the textures of the inner (slightly smaller) sector to "128".
If you place the walls of the inner (slightly smaller) sector really close to walls of the small outer sector there will appear to be a passible pillar that is 256 pixels high. you can add extra inner sectors to get upto 500 pixels.
Hope this makes sense...

both methods will work in vanilla doom btw (no need for zdoom)

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