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ramps! Sounds

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Hi guys I was playing zdaemon this weekend and suddenly, i play a doom.wad with ramps and water fall sounds near water falls and its almost like quake. Only doomy. How do i make architecture and effects that are on zdaemon? I realy wana know how to make ramps.
and like have sprites that make it snow or rain. Anything would be awsome. I wana be able to make pools you can fall into and swim in.
the zdaemon doom.wads are freaken awsome.
Theres so many zdoom and boom doom.wads that have stuff i cant make in a regular doom game and i wana make it happen in my wads so badly.

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Ok if your using Doom Builder, make sure you have the configuration to Zdoom. If you use doom in doom (which i think is easier) all you have to do is make 2 sectors next to each other, one higher than the other, and set one of the sectors tag to a number, like 1. Then on the linedef, set the sector tag to that same number, and set its linedef action to 'Plane allign' (you can select floor,roof, or both). The only other thing you need to make sure of that the linedef is facing the right way. Hope that helps, and I hope its not too hard to understand.

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