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Thing Numbers

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Ok, i was editong in Zdoom (doom in hexen) and i wanted to spawn a 'thing'. But i don't know the numbers of the 'things' for the 'spawn thing' selector. I tried out a few numbers 1-4, and they dont match the 'thing' ID in Doom. So i'm confused. Does anyone know where there is a list that tells you which number is which thing?

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Do you mean to teleport in or "spawn"in?

To teleport monsters in place them in a seperate area and make them blocked from the teleport line (i.e a raised floor or something). When the trigger is pulled (a switch or walked over line) the floor or ceiling should rise or lower so they can cross the line and warp in. Remeber to make the sector an area that sound can wake them up in the 1st sector.

To "spawn" thing you need to use ACS with a script such as this:

#include "zcommon.acs"
Script 1 OPEN
The monster will spawn in the coressponding mapspot.
For more ACS functions and reference look here


I hope this clears things up.

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No thats not what i mean. In the hexen format i set a linedef to spawn a 'thing' at a mapspot but i need the numbers of the 'things' because the only numbers i know are:

1- shotgun guy
3-hell knight
4-former human
32- chainsaw

and i only know these by typing in random numbers and seeing what happens. And i dont want to go through each and every number to find out so does anyone know the 'things' that are spawned on the different numbers?

(sorry for the double post)

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