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copying patches from Doom1

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I have a question:
I want to use some textures from Doom1 in my pwad for Doom2. But these textures are made up a different patches. I can copy the loose patches but how do I get them to combine into the wanted texture?

Thanks in advance.

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id asks that you don't use the graphics of one game for another.

That issue aside, to ready multipatch textures in DOOM II you need to add the patches to the PNAMES list and create new textures in TEXTURE1, and apply their patches, giving each the right offsets.

XWE is a good tool for this. Adding patches to PNAMES is easy; you can either edit PNAMES or right click each patch and choose Add to Patch Names. If you select TEXTURE1 you can use the Textures menu to add new textures, and to add patches. Then you can edit the patch offsets on the TEXTURE1 list.

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m0l0t0v said:
Thanks, that worked!

Glad it did.

This thread can be distroyed now...

Think of all the future m0l0t0vs asking this question.

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