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Where excactly did "Mix Textures and Flats" get moved to?

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I got DB v.1.68 and it said that it moved the Mix texture sand flats command to game configurations and that I need to put :

"mixtexturesflats = 1;"

Where do I place this? I opened the DoomBuilding Configuration Text file and pasted it in but it doesnt do anything.

What is "Game Configuration" cuz the option definitely isn't in the Doom Building Config anymore.

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Yes, the changelog says that it was moved.

Try placing it in ZDoom_Doom.cfg or ZDoom_DoomHexen.cfg; whichever it is you are editing under.

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zdoom_doomde.cfg = "C:\\DOOM2\\DOOM2.WAD" mixtextureflats=1;

like that? O_o

Or did you mean the actual Game Configuration File itself?

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This option was removed from the options dialog, because its an engine-specific setting, so now it totally depends on the game engine you choose.

Unless you added a game configuration yourself (I doubt it since you don't know what they are) you should not have to worry about it. The configuration files that come with Doom Builder all have this setting set correctly already.

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