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Dutch Doomer

WIP: Paradox 2

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Heh, I can't find anything to nitpick about. There's even a sexy shortcut which can bring the speed time under 30 seconds. Great job.

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Shortcut?? under 30 seconds to beat this map I'd like to know how you did that :)
Did you find all secrets kind of an dumb question actually, there must be something to nitpick about.

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Yeah I've played the master levels plenty of times and all of the secrets were in the same places, so... :P

Besides I always use IDDT when I play some map for the first time.

As for the shortcut, two simple SR50 jumps can get you to the exit in no time. Get to the window that is sector 551 and you can jump across to the sector 412 window. The shotgunners and other monsters make it a rather fun trick to do.

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