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meeh hella bored...waiting fer a team to join

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now dat it is summer, I can do more doom editing...just gotten into levels last week. I have beeh editing doom fer oh....3 yrs(since i wuz 12-mostly on sprties and sounds)and hasn't put ne of mah stuff up...mah comp is piling with mah Doom junk... So I wlike ta join a team and start editing fer a better reason other den just making news gunz and blowing da shit outta da litto Zombie guys.. I was wishin ta join HELL STORM team but dey didnt get bak to meeh yet so.... ne other TC unfinished dat need a Sprite/Texture/flats/sounds person gimme a notice...


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Heres a friendly hint: write in proper english, not ghetto speak. Writing like that tends to annoy people, especially people whose first language is not english who have to translate what people are saying. In any case, writing like that tends to make you look like a bit of an idiot, no offence :). Other than that, welcome

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