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testing wad

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I havn't edited anything in years and I am not really computer literate. I used to use the DEU a lot but I can't get a copy anywhere.
I just started using DB and I like the interface, it all seems to make sense but I can't test my work. I am using ultimate doom for windows 95 and am definitely making a doom wad. I am using e1m1 as my map but when I load it up either in test mode in DB or with the windows front end for doom I just get the default e1m1 map.
Is the level name not e1m1 ?
Am I missing something that makes me look like a total bonehead ?

I swear I read the manual through twice but it was kind of late.
Please help.

Edited - scratch that, it worked for a bit, now I keep getting error message 70 - save denied. I think my machine is infected with something. If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful, though.

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when you get to your map to edit it, hit the "F2" key. locate where it says map name and type "map01" in the space provided.

when you save your map and open doom look for where it says "custom wad" on the game setup window. hit the browse button next to is and look for the .wad you saved.

i don't usually use the test map function of doom builder. but the doom version that you want to test it in and so on can be changed in the configuration (F5).

i never got an error message though. try to avoid symbols or things like that that may interfere with save process. also, make sure you do not have your level operating in doom while trying to change it, because it may not save.

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