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Question about texture extraction

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I have a custom made wad file that contains nothing but textures, flats, pnames, sprites and some sounds that was given to me for use in my building my first zdoom based doom2 map. I'm using DeePsea editor and I have XWE on hand. I'm familiar with the old dos program "Deusf" and use it frequently for some of its features. As stated, I have started to build my first map and would like to use some of the textures featured in the "custom wad file", but not all of them. Would someone lend a hand in helping me learn the process of extracting what I need out of this custom texture wad file? I probably already have the necessary software to do it, it's just that I don't know how! Help please.

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The help file for DeepSea will help with that. In a nut shell it will tell you to load both pwads while building the map for playing and mapping, then as basicly the last step have it extract the textures out of the wad for you and merge into your new map. That way if you do decide to use some other textures you don't have to extract and re-construct your GFX wad.

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To get rid of stuff you don't want just browse with the GUI tool you're using and delete what you don't want, making sure you leave any markers in place (FF_START, etc.) The only relatively complex stuff are PNAMES (a list of every patch used by the textures) and TEXTURE1 (a list of the textures with their patches and offsets). So if you remove any textures from TEXTURE1 you need to get rid of any associated patches and their names on PNAMES, unless the patches are used by other textures. The tools you mentioned have sections that allow you to edit the two lists, and you can delete graphics lumps one by one. You can also add stuff to the lists; in XWE you right click a patch you imported and you can choose "add to Patch Names" (PNAMES). To edit the textures or patches lists you need to select the TEXTURE1 or PNAMES lumps, respectively, getting the lists proper to edit.

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