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Kazakhstan is more pissed than ever

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The Kazakhstani government's anger at Sacha Baron Cohen continues to grow. Due to Cohen's upcoming movie that is to be released in November, Kazakhstan has become seriously concerned about people's views of the country that it is pushing for advertisements to be shown, which portray Kazakhstan as a normal, civilized country, contrary to Sacha Baron Cohen's portrayal of it. President Nazarbayev has also arrived to speak to Bush about the issue.


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I'm a history buff that has a great big interest in politics and current events, but I find this all incredibly boring.

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udderdude said:

How can anyone find this funny? Borat is the antithesis of comedy.

Check my avitar :)

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I never found Sacha Baron Cohen that funny and I'm pretty sure no-one gives a rat's ass about kazakhstan.

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Throw the jew down the well! So my country can be free!

You must grab him by his horns! Then we have a big party!

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