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Quietus - Heretic Coop

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This is a work in progress vanilla Heretic level set. I have a suspicion that I may have to switch to limit removing port later on. The levels are designed for cooperative mode and there's no real theme to any of them. All levels are designed for 2-6 players. With more than 6, I think the artifacts would get used up too fast and the maps would get crowded.

Here are some screenshots (taken in ZDoom). Comments appreciated.

Updates in the future.

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kristus said:

Those doom textures sure look out of place.

I don't share your opinion.

Now I'm gonna find friends to test those new Heretic levels, and given the huuuuge Heretic worldwide fanbase... :/

I'll give it a try on solo if there aren't puzzles that requires more players tough.

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It doesn't look that bad .. except for that stony/gravel texture on the pillars in pic 1. That just looks awful. I don't think it's from Doom either.

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The only doom textures I see here are the marble skulls in the third shot and they fit in quite well IMO.

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Heh, just look at the second screen shot and then load DOOM II's Map03 and Map07.

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Thank you to all for the input. Texturing is being looked over and revised every once in a while. Hopefully most concerns will be addressed after visiting it a few times and coming up with new ideas.

All levels up to E1M1 to E1M7 have been finished. Today I've been working on E1M8. Still trying to concoct a decent iron lich showdown.

EDIT: Won't post project updates for a little while.

EDIT 2: Attention, all contents of this project have been devoured and used/released for this project:


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