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Pure Hellspawn


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What ever happened with Jeff Thibault and ZXDoom? He has zxdoom.com but he only posted on that site for one day (it has been more than a year), and he hasn't updated his newdoom profile for almost half a year. I think the wad was supposed to be released last fall. Does anyone know what is going on with X-DOOM? Is it abandoned?

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Maybe he needs some time to think whether the weapons will be centered or diagonal.

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Awww crap....
When I first saw the title of this thread I thought that it was referring to that project based on the Doom Bible which me and Darkhaven and some other dude have been working on such a long time ago.
I thought that Darkhaven has finally gotten his laptop back from his cousin and finally released the completed mod.

Gee, Pure Hellspawn, thanks for ruining my hopes, and for stealing the title of another thread.

If you don't have a single clue of what I'm talking about then just follow this link:

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Pure Hellspawn said:

I would be surprised if he were to abandon the project at this point.

I have a feeling he abandoned it a long time ago. There are only 2 news posts on his site and 3 downloads.

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