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How to fix D!

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As a public service, I thought I'd mention that I have found out how to fix the fantabulous D! frontend to run on any machine. It is a Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 program, and thus suffers the "Runtime Error 200" bomb on machines with CPU clock speeds greater than approx. 233 MHz.

To fix it, you'll need D!ZONE 2. First go to this site:


Download the TpPatch.zip file and decompress it wherever you intend to put the D! frontend. Now, on your D!ZONE 2 disc in the \D!ZONE2 directory are two files you need to copy to your hard disk:

* UNDZ.EXE (this is a util to decompress D!Z archives)
* D!150.D!Z (this is D! 1.50 inside a D!Z archive)

First you gotta patch the UNDZ utility because it's also a TP7 program. At a command prompt, type this:

> tppatch undz.exe

You'll see some German. If the output doesn't include the word "keine" then it worked.

Next, run this command:

> undz d!150.d!z .

This will "undz" D! into the current directory (the dot is NOT optional despite what the EXE's help seems to indicate). You should get a bunch of data files and other things. Now you need to patch D! itself:

> tppatch d!.exe

Same crap as before. You should now be able to setup and run D! like normal. It seems to work under XP, though I didn't try launching vanilla Doom with it :P I've also not tested it under DOSBox; I reserve that for the adventurous :P

EDIT: Oh yeah, I took a pic :)

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Well, I'm interested in possibly adapting some of D!'s features to EE's future builtin frontend, which will use fraggle's text mode emulation library. To do that, I'll need a working copy of the program ;)

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Mmh, do you really need the batch file to play the new levels ? Can't you just load the wads separately with your favorite source port ?

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I've never had problems with D!. I guess that goes to show how long it's been since I've used it.

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Scuba Steve: "Devil's advoctae... wouldn't we be better off if D! never worked again?"

On D!Zone 3, all of the utilities are in .d! files, so one would need it to be able to use them.

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I haven't figured out how to open D! files yet either. I'm not sure if they're the same as D!Zs. My intuition tells me probably not, but I may be wrong.

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