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Where do I go in DeHacked to alter the Rocket Launcher into a Gernade launcher. Basically what I want to do is have the Rockets fall to the ground a couple feet from the player, I have seen this done once, a couple years ago, but have no clue how to do it myself as I am a DeHackEd Virgin.

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EDGE's support of Gravity affecting things is a very nice thing, ICD-DDF allowed grenades that would bounce, even! If you want to save yourself the hassle, maybe you should try learning DDF and making a Grenade mod...

But the effect you saw was probably WolfenDoom's newer-type levels (Operation Eisenman, to name one) that would allow one to throw a grenade (replacing weapon # 7) and in turn, it would slope downward toward the floor and detonate. Sorta a neat trick to simulate the grenade falling, but not perfect. Cory Whittle's ICD-DDF mod is perfect though, so maybe you should get that! :)

Hope this helped a little.

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In the thing editor (F2) of dehacked, uncheck bit 9 "No gravity" for thing 34 Rocket (in air).

From memory, that should give the effect you mention.

You could also experiment with the floorbounce bit as well.

Once you have created your dehacked add +floorbounce to the bits line for the rocket using a text editor.

Ahhh phukkit, hang on.....

here yah go

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0

# Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines.

Doom version = 19
Patch format = 6

Thing 34 (Rocket (in air))
Bits = 66576 +floorbounce

The floorbounce is only supported by some ports (I used zdoom 1.23 beta 28a, don't know which others work). If you are using a source port that does not support it, just remove the +floorbounce part.

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Hmm ok I don't know a thing about adding comment lines. Could you give me a little more detail on how that is done? I am VERY new to DeHackED, I have mostly done pure mapping up to this point.

Anyhow I changed Item 34 to "no gravity" and now when I shoot a rocket it blows up in my face, so I guess if I wanted to add a suicide potion or something like that to the game, that would be GREAT, but for the moment, it ain't quite doing the trick. Any clues?

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Aghh I missed the part about the BITS. :)

Got it, but would still like to know what you were talking about with those comment lines.

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Hmm this effect seems to work on Barons or any other enemy that shoots projectiles. :) Ok I am slowly getting the idea of this, but how do you know what sets of numbers do what?

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By "comment lines" I presume you are referring to the bit in my post that said

"# Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines."

That is an example of a comment line (that is automatically generated by dehacked in this case). The # character just means that everything beyond the # on that line will be ignored, so you can add explanatory lines like

#This is my incredibly cool dehacked patch.

"Anyhow I changed Item 34 to "no gravity" and now when I shoot a rocket it blows up in my face"

Yeah, It'll do that. The rocket drops pretty quickly, and is launched from quite a low height. You can mess about with the speed and mass of the rocket to change the range slightly. Making it too fast, however, makes it very inaccurate. Mind you, you did ask for "what I want to do is have the Rockets fall to the ground a couple feet from the player". Rockets that land a couple of feet from the player will blow up in your face :-P That's actually why I put in the floorbounce line. It lets the rocket (you guessed it) bounce across the floor for a bit before it blows up.

I'm not sure if you realised or not, the middle bit of my first post is a dehacked patch. The dehacked format is a simple text file, so just copy and paste everything from "Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0" to "Bits = 66576 +floorbounce" into a text file, and load it with the appropriate command line parameter (either -deh or -dehacked in Legacy IIRC). If Legacy doesn't support the floorbounce bit, remove it from the text.

"but how do you know what sets of numbers do what?"

Trial and error ;-)

The numbers in the patch I posted were generated automatically by dehacked when I changed the bits using the thing editor.

I don't know if I have directed you to it before, but I have a bunch of details and tutorials about dehacked (with some examples) on my site. I tried to keep it generic, but my testbed is Zdoom, so I'm not guaranteeing it will all work with Legacy, but almost all will.

Just go to


Click the dehacked link when you get there. You may find something useful about sprite naming in the doom general section too.

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This reminds me of my Game Genie days on the old NES. :)

Well everything works, except floor bounce, guess that is not supported by Legacy yet as goes for a lot of other dehacked files I have tried making. One other bizzare thing I noticed is when you kill a trooper with the grenade, it leaves a grenade where the body was supposed to be. Go figure...

As for you page, I have it linked to my home page, I will look more into it today, thankx again for all of your help!

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