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Trailer Park Boys Movie

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*yikes* The Rock just gave me the people's eyebrow. That is so creepy, never noticed it before. ANYWAYS,


Not sure if anybody here watches the Trailer Park Boys tv show, or even heard of it for that matter. But I saw the movie last night and felt that it did the show enough justice. Got some good laughs. The storyline is totally seperate from the show.

It's a bit of a cult classic in the US. At least to those that watch it on the BBC channel it airs on. Also has popularity in the UK and Austrailia. But for the most part it's real popularity is in Canada where it's made.

One of those shows you either find really hilarious, or you find it to be the most retarded shit on the planet. Really caters to stoners and drunks. So get really stoned and drunk as fuck like Ricky & Julian and watch it already. :D

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Because this is a Canada program it was a smash hit up here. I remember every one wearing a bubbles TV shirt and making impressions from the show. I didn't get around to watching a single episode besides the Christmas special and didn't know what to expect from the movie. My friend wanted to see it and I', glad I did because it was pretty damn funny but the sad thing is up here in Northern Ontario people actually act like this at times and there is allot of trailer parks.

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