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Rotated pastes never stitch vertices

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Apparently, it doesn't happen. For instance: I'd copy a door sector, and paste it without rotating it on any line, and it would stitch vertices and be all merry. If I did rotate it and put it anywhere, stitch vertices never happen. DB version is if anyone needs to know. Is this a global problem or does it only happen to me?

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Yeah, this happens to me too. A workaround is to paste it in an off-map area, rotate it, and then move it to where you want. Still needs to be fixed though.

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One thing i've noticed is that when rotating 90 degrees sometimes half the vertices will be 1 unit out of grid alignment, presumably due to a rounding error, would be nice if there were 90 degree rotation shortcuts to get around this (alongsige the horiz/vert flip shortcut buttons)

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