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Music help, please :(

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I read this thread here:


but it only answered part of my question.

I'm looking to take the music out of MAP28 from tnt.wad from Final Doom and place it in my own map for use with Doom 2. I found the list of music in tnt.wad using XWE, but I guess my problem is I can't figure out what song MAP28 uses, and I can't use the built in MUS player in XWE.

How do I see what song a map uses?

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Ok, sorry for being a moron, but I figured it out. In that thread, myk said "The music is all the files named d_*, such as d_runnin (for Map01), d_stalks (Map02), etc., and they are in order (d_ultima is Map32's music)."

I was able to jump in and grab exactly what song I wanted once I saw that, and I slapped it into my map and it works perfectly. So thanks!

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