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Naked Snake

The sewer system

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Mark panted and wiped some sweat from his face, damn sweat kept getting in the way. His Glock 9mm on his side and the MP-5 was cradled in his hands. The sewers were dark, the grimy brick walls were slippery to the touch and the walkways on the side were slick with mold. Mark slipped and his foot plunged into the murky water, and he cussed under his breath as he shook his foot trying to dry it out. Mark walked forth into the darkness and looked for the flood gate, which was his target, he needed to blow it up. The sound of water being displaced stopped him cold in his tracks as he scanned the darkness. Maybe it was a rat, he thought. A sudden burst of light and a fireball heading his way tossed the rat thought out of his head, unless this rat tossed fire then it was a demon. He ducked and opened fire wildly, many shots hitting the brick walls, showering him with rock chips. The snarl of pain exposed his enemies location and he focused on the spot, firing his MP-5 until he heard a death moan and a splash of water. He sighed and checked his clip, which he found to contain a measly 3 rounds. He wasted the shots, firing blindly once more and ejected the clip, replacing it with a fresh one.

Mark sulked in the darkness of the sewer system looking for the damned flood gate. He saw the walkway getting narrow and after about 6 feet he saw that he had to walk in the water. "Ugh" Mark groaned aloud as he hopped into the water. The water went up to his waist and he walked through it, his face in a mask of disgust as he pressed forward towards the flood gate. His eyes were tuned to the darkness and he saw pretty damn well now, instead of wandering around like a drunken fool. In an instant Mark was knocked down, submerging him under the water, and he got up, gasping and looking around. "What the fuck?" he sputtered. Another sharp blow sent him back and down under the greenish brown water. Once more he came back up, but this time he fired his MP-5 screaming like a madman. A grunt was all he got from his stealthy opponent. He saw it, well not SAW it but he knew where it was for it looked like clear jelly. He fired at the insubstantial shape and it growled again, but then it dived into the water. He fired down into the water hoping to kill it. A claw dug into his shin and he fell. If he lived he knew the water would infect the wound. He fired around underwater and hit nothing that he could see. Another strike and this time it was through the chest, filling the filthy water with a cloud of red, which filled Mark's vision as he died. His last thought was "I failed...we're fucked"...

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How old are you, BBG?

No offense is meant by this, but I wrote like this when I was in 6th grade, that's good for 6th grade, though, and if you're that age, you have the potential to become a VERY skilled writer, but if you're in your middle/late teens or already an adult, maybe you should stop.

By the way, I've noticed that you have a habit of not continuing your stories. Is that on purpose, or do you plan to continue them at a later date?

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