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How can I insert Decorate monsters into a wad?

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What exactly do you mean by 'insert DECORATE monsters into a wad'?

Do you want to make your own monsters via DECORATE, then I suggest you read the section in the zdoom WIKI about this:

If you want to place existing DECORATE monsters from another wad (Monster resource wad for example) into yours, you simply have to copy all the sprites and the respective section of the DECORATE code of the monster(s) you want to include and paste these things into your wad/DECORATE.

Edit: crap, TDA was faster

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And if you want to make your life easier, use pk3 instead of wad ;)
Its just a zip file and you dont need some kind of special editor.
Just name a textfile with decorate info DECORATE and pack it into a zip, rename it to pk3 and you are done.

*waits for db support of pk3 ;)*

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