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Chocolate doom Run

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In my previous thread about how to run a certain wad i was instructed to use the sourceport "chocolate doom" now that i downloaded the wad and choco doom i am ver confused as to where everything goes together. What is a .gaz file, what do do with .bat files and how to get the overall thing running. Sorry for the idiocy of this question, its just certain computer stuff confuses me.

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GAZ? GZ maybe? You might have downloaded the wrong file, perhaps the source code. It should be a ZIP for Win32, called chocolate-doom-0.1.4-win32.zip.

Once you unzip the ZIP, put your IWADs (doom.wad. doom2.wad) in the folder where you have the Chocolate Doom files, as well as the addon's files.

To run it you might find it easier to use a shortcut instead of the Command box or a batch file. In any case this thread describes how to make a shortcut or a batch (BAT). The thread talks about Doom95, in your case substitute that for Chocolate-doom.

In the shortcut all you need to do is add the addon and tell it to use DOOM (instead of DOOM II), for example (your path will be different depending on what folder chocolate doom is, but it will certainly end with chocolate-doom as shown below):

"c:\files\chocolate doom\chocolate-doom.exe" -iwad doom.wad -merge schooldl.wad -deh schooldm.deh

Ignore the devparm and nodm info on that thread and instead use the stuff shown above, but otherwise create a shortcut or batch as noted.

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