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Metagaming article series.

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I finally got around to bringing this here, so here you go:

I'm doing a series of articles that are geared towards Quake gameplay, but the concepts involved reach past this in order to apply to stuph in general. I've been getting great feedback from those at tastyspleen and doom3world, so I figured I would let you guys say your own piece.

I did article #3 last night, and more is coming on a weekly basis.


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Heh, 'metagaming' is a roleplaying term that means you're using info that your character can't possibly know in game. It could be anything from acting on information given to other characters to knowing what an aboleth can do from reading the Monster manual to having your barbarian create gunpowder (which is a fairly simple process, but took humans many centuries to do). It's usually frowned upon.

Not that that has anythign to do with anything, but that's what I think of when I hear that word.

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That is simply another aspect of the literal definition “game outside the game”, as stated in the first article.

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